Asian and Chinese Dolls

How To Adopt Babies From China


Corolle Babipouce Asian 11" Doll For Baby

Corolle Mon Premier Calin 12" Baby Doll (Calin Yang)

Corolle Les Cheries Doll Cathy - Asian Dollcorolle dolls

Disney Sparkling Princess Mulan Doll

Les Dollies Dolly Licorice by Corolle

Wan Ling from China Doll by Karito Kids

Karito Kids Flower Power

Loveable Asian Berenguer Doll

Yan Yan Porcelain Asian Doll

Korean Dolls

Mattel Princess of the Korean Court Barbie Doll

Japanese Dolls

Aiko, 24" Adorable Japanese Doll in Porcelain

Ling Goes to Japan

Vietnamese Dolls


African American Dolls

Calin Naima African American Doll by Corolle

Mattel Barbie Holiday Doll African AmericanMattel African American Doll

African American Barbie Collector Holiday Doll

Barbie Fantasy Bride African American Doll

Brands of Asian Dolls

Berenguer Dolls

Collectible Barbie Dolls

Lee Middleton Dolls

Precious Moment Dolls

So Truly Real Dolls


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